Behold! The schedule!

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Ok, you've asked and asked and asked, here is the schedule. Jump below, download it, stare in wonder and come back to read the explanations.

OK, back? Sufficiently confused? Good.

A division teams, you have a straight forward double round-robin and a six team bracket. Good luck.

The zoo that is the 20 teams of B division gets to have a little more fun. You'll find yourselves placed into four five team pods. Each pod will play a round-robin that will finish up Friday afternoon. Then teams will be placed in seeded pods. All four first place teams will go into the b pod, second place into the g pod, third to d and so on. You can thank the Greek's for the alphabet.

Seeded pods will play another round-robin. After that pod, teams will be placed into the B bracket for 1st through 8th. The C bracket for 9th-16th and the D round-robin for 17th-20th. There will be crossover games between 7th-9th and 15th-18th before the brackets.

B and C will play an 8 team bracket. D will play a simple round-robin for their finals.

USA UWH Nationals 2014 Schedule in PDF

Behold, the App!

In this day in age, what would nationals be with an "app" and by app I mean webpage.

We will be updating scores continuously throughout the day. It will calculate standings and fill in the seeded pods, crossover and brackets automatically. You can look at the whole view, division, pod or even just team. Please keep in mind that the team view only shows confirmed games, it wont show what potential games later in the day you could have until the seeding is final.

Official record will be the paper trail from the judges table and calculated standings. The app is there to help. If you encounter any issues with the app please talk to me, Jim Lester and I will promptly ignore you, or fix it, or both.