Recent Updates

In the past week Minnesota has been hit hard with heavy rains and our rivers are flowing fast and high. As such, mother nature has forced us to move Camporama from the beautiful submerged St. Croix beach to a location that is above water. The condiment bottles kept floating away at our original site.

We will now enjoy the beautiful Minnehaha Park - the lovely park that Henry Wordsworth wrote about, but never bothered to actually visit. There are many trails to walk around Minnehaha Park, and the falls is stunning at flood stage. One can also rent 4 person pedal thingies and ride around the park. It is possible to wade in the creek below the falls; if interested bring shoes that can get wet. Below is a link to Minnehaha Park.

Ben Erickson will present a one man dramatic interpretation of Song of Hiawatha, including the epic battle scene. Viewers are invited to join in with rocks and large sticks.

We will provide the food, you provide your non-descript beverage. This is a City park and alcohol is not allowed.

We will provide transport to Camporama. Transportation to the airport will be by the convenient Hiawatha Light Rail. The light rail station is Located 2 blocks from the park, with trains arriving every 10 minutes (15 after 7:00PM) and the time to the airport is 10 minutes.

See the following for specific times. Departure is from station #11 Minnehaha Station – Airport stations are #14 and #15.

If you have special needs that precludes using Light Rail please contact a Loon Member in the Loon Bin so we can find an alternate means of getting you to the airport.

People planning on camping at the St. Croix are welcome to crash at the Kurt's house located less than a mile from the park. Please talk to Kurt so they can know how many people to expect. Kurta<@>