Battle at Altitude Trip Report

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Four Loons headed to Denver to compete at the 2014 Battle at Altitude. Katie, Jim, Amy and Mike S. spent 2 days alternatively battling underwater and gasping for breath due to the high altitude. (Much more fun than it sounds.) After the tournament, the Loons headed to Copper Mountain for a day of fun at the ski-o-rama and several hard-found Battles of Catan.

Katie's team fell one goal short of Denver's A team in the final, Amy's team had fun taking 6th, despite losing several team members at the last minute, while Jim and Mike won the party with the University of Illinois team. Sadly, none of the Loons prevailed in the Battle of Catan this year.

Kudos to Mike S. for hopping on a plane to get to his first tourney and jumping headfirst into playing with a new team!