Brown Deer Brawl & HPS Trip Report

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The Loons sent two full teams to the Brown Deer Brawl, a B-level tourney in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. What was really notable about the MN teams was that - of the 19 players - 8 had never been to a tournament before! Many other players joined us for their 2nd, 3rd or 4th tourneys! MN also sent two players to the High Performance A-level tournament that ran parallel to the Brown Deer Brawl in Milwaukee.

One MN team came through the tourney with a perfect record. The other MN team... won a game! Despite struggling against more experienced teams, however, the teams both had a fantastic time and really came together throughout the tournament. The learning and excitement of everyone at the tourney bodes well for the future.

Congrats to both Jeffs, Brian, Dani, Kristen, Pedro, Tom, and Matt for doing great at their first tournament!